Contributing Writers

Ken Lau, PhD
Senior Technical Marketing Manager


Ken received his PhD from the University of Florida while focusing on the interaction between gut bacteria, Th17 cells, and Type 1 Diabetes onset. After graduating, Ken joined BioLegend as a Technical Marketing Scientist, helping with customer inquiries and designing unique scientific content for the website and literature. He enjoys gaming, the gym, and managing his aquarium. His favorite movies include Sin City, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and the Dark Knight.

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Kelsey Swartz, PhD
Lead Scientific Content Writer


Kelsey received her PhD from Northwestern University where she studied non-canonical roles for cell cycle regulators in erythroid cell development. After living in three Midwestern states (Nebraska, Illinois, and Wisconsin), she left winter behind and moved to San Diego joining BioLegend as a technical service scientist. She enjoys trying new foods, reading, watching sports, and board games.

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Dzung Nguyen, PhD
Cell Analysis Program Manager


Dzung received his PhD from John Hopkins University studying the role of lipid rafts in the biology of HIV. He did post-doctoral studies at the National Institute on Aging and at UCSD, investigating the role of cholesterol in chemokine receptor function and the immunology of sialic acids. Dzung started at BioLegend in the role of Technical Service Scientist and is now Director of Technical Marketing.He enjoys playing guitar, writing music, making movies, and Clash of Clans. His favorite movie line is from the Fellowship of the Ring, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

Aparna Telang, PhD
Scientific Writer


Aparna received her PhD in Insect Science from The University of Arizona with a research focus on agricultural pests. During her postdoctoral positions at UAZ and The University of Georgia, her research switched to medical entomology with an overall focus on physiology and genetics. Aparna has worked as university faculty prior to joining BioLegend as a Scientific Writer. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, her two dogs and two cats. Aparna also enjoys baking, gardening, and kayaking.

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Ernest Monahan, PhD
Scientific Writer


Ernest received his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, where he performed research in neurobiology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During graduate school, he studied the role of cytoskeletal proteins in neural injury and repair, using various model organisms. He is broadly interested in neuroscience and translational research. Ernest enjoys reading, watching movies, painting and going to the beach.

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