Multiomics has transformed traditional sequencing experiments by providing unparalleled protein and genetic analysis on a single-cell or bulk sequencing basis. We offer comprehensive and unique products, including antibodies, panels, and hashtag reagents to enable protein detection by sequencing. Explore the capabilities of TotalSeq™ reagents and see how they seamlessly integrate into existing workflows to uncover what makes each cell unique.


TotalSeq™ format antibodies are patent pending proprietary technologies of BioLegend. Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us around this technology.


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Comprehensive Solutions for Single-Cell and Bulk Multiomics


TotalSeq™ oligo-conjugated reagents enable protein detection by sequencing and integrate seamlessly into existing single-cell transcriptomics, bulk sequencing, or single-cell genomics workflows. Choose your experimental goal below and discover our solutions.


If you can’t find the reagents you’re looking for, contact us to discuss your project. We offer custom oligo-conjugated reagents including individual antibodies and cocktails. Let us know how we can support your multiomics work.

Single-Cell RNA and Protein Detection

Compatible with TotalSeq™-A, B, and C reagents.


Technologies like CITE-seq and REAP-seq utilize oligonucleotide-conjugated antibodies to simultaneously detect surface proteins and RNA. For this, we offer multiple formats of our TotalSeq™ antibodies, panels, and hashtags to incorporate into single-cell transcriptomics workflows, including Drop-Seq and those offered by 10x Genomics.


Multiomics Analysis Software

For single-cell RNA and protein data analysis.


Processing and analysis of single-cell data can be complicated and require advanced tools. To simplify the process, BioLegend offers Multiomics Analysis Software (MAS), a free cloud-based program for the analysis of multiomics data. Featuring an intuitive user interface with flow cytometry-like gating, the software is accessible to all users irrespective of their bioinformatics background.


Bulk RNA Sequencing

Compatible with TotalSeq™-A reagents.


Bulk RNA-sequencing is commonly used to analyze RNA expression from a population of cells in suspension. Our BEN-seq workflow, developed in collaboration with Illumina, stains cells in suspension with TotalSeq™ oligo-conjugated antibodies prior to bulk RNA sequencing, enabling the simultaneous profiling of cell surface proteins and RNA expression.


Single-Cell DNA and Protein Detection

Compatible with TotalSeq™-D reagents.


Resolve complex genetic questions from genotype to phenotype by combining single-cell DNA analysis with protein detection using TotalSeq™-D oligo-conjugated reagents. Our TotalSeq™-D antibodies and cocktails are constructed for compatibility with the Mission Bio Tapestri platform to enable the co-detection of SNVs/indels, CNVs, and proteins.



Buyer is solely responsible for determining whether Buyer has all intellectual property rights that are necessary for Buyer's intended uses of the BioLegend TotalSeq™ products. For example, for any technology platform Buyer uses with TotalSeq™, it is Buyer's sole responsibility to determine whether it has all necessary third party intellectual property rights to use that platform and TotalSeq™ with that platform.

New Research using TotalSeq™ Products


The list below contains selected publications referencing TotalSeq™ products, as well as the original CITE-seq (Stoeckius et al.) and REAP-seq (Peterson et al.) papers. Please note, manuscripts appearing in bioRxiv and medRxiv have not undergone a peer-review process.

Featured Publications

Single-cell profiling of myeloid cells in glioblastoma across species and disease stage reveals macrophage competition and specialization.

Pombo Antunes AR, et al. Nat Neurosci. March 2021.


The authors used CITE-seq to map the glioblastoma myeloid cell landscape in mouse and human tumors. Their work revealed conserved dendritic cell and macrophage populations that were dynamic across disease stages.


Read paper >

Single-cell multi-omics analysis of the immune response in COVID-19.

Stephenson E, et al. Nat Medicine. April 2021.


Using a TotalSeq™-C antibody panel, the authors analyzed the surface proteome and T and B lymphocyte antigen receptors of patients with various severities of COVID-19. Their study describes a coordinated immune response and provides new insights for therapy.


Read paper >

A conserved dendritic-cell regulatory program limits antitumour immunity.

Maier B, et al. Nature. 2020.


This study aimed to understand antitumor T cell immunity following PD-L1 blockade. Using single-cell multiomics, the authors identified a dendritic cell regulatory program that is induced by expression of IL-4 and limits antitumor activity.


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All Publications


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TotalSeq™ in Action: Video Protocols and Seminars


Using TotalSeq™ Antibodies for CITE-Seq


Walk through the CITE-seq workflow using TotalSeq™ antibodies, including cell surface labeling, GEM generation and barcoding, post-GEM cleanup, library amplification, and gene expression and cell surface protein library construction. See how these oligo-barcoded antibodies integrate seamlessly into single-cell RNA sequencing workflows available from 10x Genomics to uncover unique phenotypes and understand protein expression of 100+ targets on a single-cell level. 

View video



Overview of the TotalSeq™ Workflow


TotalSeq™ reagents are designed to seamlessly integrate into the CITE-seq workflow and are compatible with most droplet-based single cell sequencing methods such as the 10x Genomics platform or Drop-seq. This video is a brief walk-through of the workflow to generate single cell proteomics and transcriptomics data. 

View video



Introduction to Single Cell Proteogenomics Applications using TotalSeq™ Antibodies


BioLegend’s TotalSeq™ reagents enable simultaneous proteomics and transcriptomics analysis on the same cell using the CITE-seq workflow. Compatible with droplet-based single cell sequencing methods, TotalSeq™ uses antibody-oligo conjugates to measure specific cell surface proteins. This video provides an overview of the utilities of proteogenomics applications.

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Application Notes and eBooks

Application NoteApplication Note: Correlated Expression of Protein and RNA Using Bulk and Single-Cell Proteogenomics


Learn more about the utility of BEN-seq and see how we used the technique to detect 280 proteins and measure the Th1 response on both unstimulated and stimulated cells.


Download Application Note >

Application NoteEbook: The Evolution and Future of Single-Cell Proteogenomics


Learn more about applications using TotalSeq™ reagents and how they can contribute to discoveries in precision oncology.


Download Ebook >


Tips and Tricks for Titrating TotalSeq™ Antibodies


Titrating TotalSeq™ antibodies for sequencing applications like CITE-seq is critical for optimal results. Read this blog post to understand the importance of titration, alternative titration methods, and the selection of antibody concentrations.


Read more >

Single-Cell Multiomics: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding CITE-Seq and TotalSeq™ Reagents


Multiomics has transformed traditional sequencing experiments and can provide unparalleled protein and genetic analysis in a single experiment. Learn the basics behind techniques like CITE-seq and REAP-seq and discover how our TotalSeq™ reagents integrate into the workflow.


Read more >

Overview of Single-Cell Sequencing: Isolation Methods and Techniques


Discover how single-cell sequencing has propelled biology into a new era of discovery and learn about the methods that enable the isolation of single cells.


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