360 Video - Immunologic Networks - 05/03/2018

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Description: Our newest 360 Video guides you through an interactive look at our newest poster for Immunologic Networks. Learn about the key immune cells of innate and adaptive immunity that are covered by our biggest poster ever.

Keywords: T cells, B cells, NK cells, dendritic cells, macrophages, innate lymphoid cells, innate immunity, adaptive, T helper, cytotoxic, exhausted, antigen presentation, 360 video, narrated, immunology, immunologic networks, biolegend, poster


360 Video - Neuroinflammation - 11/11/2016

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Description: View BioLegend's 360-degree video on Neuroinflammation Pathways. The video guides viewers through inflammatory mechanisms that lead to pathogenesis, as well as anti-inflammatory mechanisms that restore homeostasis in the brain. The print poster is available on our Literature page.

Keywords: Neuroinflammation, inflammation, ROS, Microglia, Astrocytes, blood-brain barrier, CNS, synapse, oligodendrocytes, synaptic pruning, complement, protein x, glial scar, myelin sheath, neuron, neuronal stem cells, T cells, B cells


360 Video - Innate Immune Signaling - 08/26/2016

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Description: Our Innate Immune Signaling poster features intracellular molecules and pathways that are required for mammalian cells to recognize and defend against pathogens as a first line defense. This 360 degree video gives viewers a narrated in-depth perspective on the pathways of our innate immune cellular responses.

Keywords: innate immunity, toll-like receptor, TLR, NOD, NLRP, Lectin, CLR, RIG-I, Mda5, virus, bacteria, fungi, STING,inflammasome, interferon, AIM2, Fc receptor, Dectin, Mincle, innate immune signaling


360 Video - Smelling Parkinson's, Special Antibodies in HIV and Cancer, and a Cloud of Microbes - 11/09/2015

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Description: In this episode, we discuss some a variety of current scientific news, including the discovery of woman who can smell Parkinson's disease, a correlation between bovine leukemia virus and breast cancer, using an individual's microbial cloud to identify them, and how we're using specialized antibodies to combat both HIV and cancer.

Woman in able to smell Parkinson's disease
Unique microbe clouds surround individuals
Missing gut bacteria associated with higher asthma risk
Reprogramming leukemia cells to kill each other
BLV proteins associated with breast cancer
Activating and killing latent HIV in infected cells
Listen to the Audio Podcast

Keywords: neuroscience, neurodegeneration, Parkinson's disease, microbes, microbial, gut microbiome, bacteria, asthma, allergy, leukemia, cancer, AML, antibody, virus, cow, bovine, breast cancer, HIV, AIDS


360 Video - Nobel Prizes, CRISPR 2.0, and Lazy Ants - 10/26/2015

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Description: In this podcast episode, also recorded in 360 video, the team discusses the contributions of the recent Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry and Physiology/Medicine, a new CRISPR, and lazy slacker ants.

Nobel Prize winners
A new and improved CRISPR?
Majority of ant workers are slackers
Listen to the Audio Podcast

Special thanks to Jerry Tucker for his contributions to this video!

Keywords: Nobel Prize, YouYou Tu, Artemisinin, malaria, Thomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich, Aziz Sancar, DNA repair, base excision repair, nucleotide excision repair, cancer, mutations, CRISPR, Feng Zhang, Cas9, Cpf1, ants, colonies



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